About Me

Hello, Angela Atlas here to introduce myself!

I created this anti-inflammatory diet review blog to help others finally find some relief from inflammation.

After having struggled with inflammation due to sinus, food and environmental allergies for years, I decided to put this site together as a resource of treatments that are proven to get people results.

I will be sharing many simple food recipes and cooking tips that I’ve created over the past few years, all designed around health and taste. In addition to suffering from inflammation, I had my gall bladder removed around 12 yrs ago, in my mid 30s. And I watch my father struggling daily with Type 2 diabetes. Our family’s eating habits were what I call “Americanized-Italian”, so a lot of white pasta, pizza, etc.  So, the last 10 years have been a procession of trial and errors, trying to get the ‘taste” back. I believe I’ve got it, now. So, keep an eye out for that.

If you’re looking for, what I consider to be, the best natural treatment for inflammation, check out my homepage.

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If you need 3 quick breakfast ideas, that act as home remedies for inflammation, check out this article:

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